Our technologies are designed and engineered to comprehensively and efficiently profile the human immune repertoire at the sequence level.


Next Generation Sequencing


  • Starts with human peripheral whole blood or cryopreserved PBMC
  • Amplifies immunoglobulin variable regions from IgG, IgK, IgL, IgM, and IgA
  • Tolerates extensive sequence changes caused by somatic hyper mutation / affinity maturation




  • Assembles full-length variable regions
  • Annotates FR and CDR regions
  • Distinguishes IgG subtypes (IgG1, IgG2, IgG3, and IgG4)
  • Tabulates clone and mutation frequency


Synthetic Biology


  • Optimized expression construction via high-throughput gene synthesis
  • Rapid turn-around time
  • Cost-effective


High-Throughput Antibody Expression


  • Transient mammalian expression system
  • 96-well plate format



We are actively pursuing a few promising novel antibody therapeutics targeting human diseases with great unmet medical needs.



We strive to promote the broad utilization of our technologies by partnering with academic community and commercial entities in antibody discovery.


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